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U.S. Visa Denial Immigration Lawyer

Someone with a history of a denied visa needs Sarah S. Rama and her esteemed network of collaborators. Attorney Rama is the first to rally her top mentors and colleagues world-wide to serve the best interest of the client. Visas are often rejected under suspicion on the part of the consular that the applicant lacks non-immigrant intent. Mistrust, combined with a strict and expedited consular interview, leaves many applicants unprepared to succeed independently. First, the client must understand that the consular is doing its primary job, to keep America safe and ensure that all immigration laws are adhered to in tandem with Customs and Border Control (CBP) at Ports of Entry (POE) world-wide. Second, we need to balance the needs of the client to ensure the best chance of visa approval success.

Visa Denials Abroad or Refused Admission to the U.S.

Sarah S. Rama will be the first advocate for you as a client and will balance the administrative agencies’ rules while reviewing your case objectively in the eyes of the agency that has denied your entrance or visa to the United States. Occasionally, they do make mistakes, and sometimes the applicants also make mistakes. This can only be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Sarah S. Rama is driven to educate the applicant on the proper processes of obtaining a visa to the United States and/or proper entrance at the Port of Entry (POE). Finding a balance between the needs of the applicant and the objectives of the U.S. government are foremost in the practice of a dedicated consular law advocate. Attorney Rama will review your matter and determine if you are applying for the correct visa for admission. She will objectively determine if you qualify for a reapplication and, if not, will advise you as such.

Sarah S. Rama’s extreme vetting procedures and excellent reputation with embassies, consuls, and CBP posts world-wide help to ensure that authentic individuals are granted visas with the expectation that they abide by the laws outlined in the Foreign Affairs Manual (FAM) and CBP Policies.

Visa Denial

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