• Sports Team Management - Immigration Lawyer - Sarah S. Rama, ESQ., LL.M. - Athlete Immgration Visas - P Visa, B Visa, H Visa.

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  • Sports Team Management - Immigration Lawyer - Sarah S. Rama, ESQ., LL.M. - Athlete Immgration Visas - P Visa, B Visa, H Visa.

P Visa Immigration Lawyer – Sarah S. Rama, ESQ., LL.M.

S.R. assists sports teams throughout the world in all facets of the immigration process. S.R. has worked with international rugby teams, MLB free agent prospects before and after signing, international hockey teams, and soccer teams throughout Europe.

Working in balance with the various teams, scouts, agents requires proper organization of a prospect or player’s immigration is paramount in sports immigration matters. Additionally, paying special attention to the family members of these players is paramount in S.R.’s best practices to ensure that the player’s family will able to enjoy this immigration journey.

Major League Baseball Immigration Visas

B-2 Amateur Athlete Showcase Visa™

S.R. has strategically worked throughout Latin American and the Caribbean with her echelon collaborations and colleagues. The goal is to ensure best practices for free agent amateur baseball players. The result being the ability of Major League Baseball franchises to now “try out” free agent prospects in the U.S by attending U.S. based showcase events. S.R. coining the “B-2 Amateur Athlete Showcase Visa™.” Teaming up with esteemed Attorney Daniel J. Parisi with his understanding of Department of State policies has allowed for a change of tide in free agent amateur baseball immigration policies.

S.R. feels strongly about following correct procedures of all the countries involved, and will personally travel to applicant’s home country and vet the status of the prospective player in their country of residence. This will maintain the integrity of the intent of the visa application in an effort to pave the way for future players. S.R.’s approach to educate prospects directly can balance the needs of MLB Franchises, the U.S. Department of State and their esteemed Consular Posts. We can have unity between the prospects and the respective home countries at play. S.R. understands the high standards expected of MLB franchises to ensure the safety and prosperity of their international players and families. S.R. is on the ground with the prospects in their home country and will make sure that all extreme vetting procedures are done from day one.

S.R. has had the honor to obtain visitor visas for high level players and their families direct from Haiti, D.R., and Cuba to enter the U.S. after major league contracts have been signed. She educates her clients on the ground, diligently on the respect to be shown once the visa has been issued and strict compliance in the U.S. after admission. S.R. believes and practices that every applicant upon a change of intent, must and will return to the home country and apply for a new visa to match that newly formed intent. She insists that her clients must adhere to this standard. S.R. believes to build the trust in this process must be done one visa at a time.

P Visa Consular Processing – Changing the Approach from B-2 Amateur Showcase Visa™ to P-1 Visa

The same diligence and respect will be applied with the application of the P-1 Visa for any signed MLB franchise applicant. S.R. will be on the ground and review all the circumstances of the applicant’s place of residency and diligently prepare for the P-1 Visa for USCIS approval and at the proper consular post abroad. On site with her dedicated translator in tow, S.R. will meet with the applicant and their families to ensure they understand completely all of the application materials and their responsibilities in obtaining the P-1 Visa. Hopefully, S.R. begun these extreme vetting procedures with the first B-2 Amateur Athlete Showcase Visa™ and upon return to their country of residence, once signed, will have built the trust and respect required to continue this process at the consular post.

S.R. will work with each applicant and their U.S. sports agent to obtain the P Visa. She will teach best practices in highly sought after free agent baseball players. S.R. is working abroad to teach this one applicant at time by developing these extreme vetting procedures. S.R. has proven this can be done, saving MLB franchises from losing high dollar contracts for denied P Visas for matters beyond their control. S.R. will make sure that the goals of the MLB franchises, the player, their families and the U.S. Department of State are in sync.

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