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Immigration Processes Simplified With Sarah S. Rama, Esq., LL.M.

There are few legal processes more complicated and more important than those related to immigration into the United States. In order to navigate the process with confidence and avoid mistakes that could jeopardize your chances at immigration, work with Sarah S. Rama, Esq., LL.M., a trusted and experienced immigration lawyer in Salem, MA. With her guidance, you will find the immigration process does not have to be intimidating.

Sarah S. Rama, Esq., LL.M. is admitted to practice in Massachusetts, with a focus on federal immigration practice. If your case hits an unexpected legal snare that requires a lawyer’s representation in federal court, you can depend on her to be there for you and act on your behalf.

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No Immigration Case Too Big or Complex

Sarah S. Rama, Esq., LL.M. has built a reputation for tackling complicated immigration cases that scare off other attorneys. Most of her clientele includes professional athletes, prestigious musicians, and corporate executives who need to enter the country to continue their illustrious careers. No matter the reason why you need a Salem, MA immigration attorney, you can rest easy knowing she has the abilities, experience, and insight to steer your case towards success.

Allow her law firm to help you with:

  • E investor visas: Investing significant assets into a business might make you eligible for an E-2 investor visa.
  • Employment visas: Specialized workers can sometimes enter the U.S. to pursue a gainful career in a field not being filled by locals.
  • Family immigration: Many people become eligible for immigration due to familiar ties or necessities, such as marrying an American citizen.
  • Citizenship: Naturalization can lead to citizenship. Allow Sarah S. Rama, Esq., LL.M. to act as your legal guide through this intricate immigration process that is notorious for turning down imperfect applications.

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