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Sarah S. Rama, ESQ., LL.M.

Clients love working with Sarah S. Rama, ESQ., LL.M. because we are real people who work hard to offer our clients top-notch legal services combined with customer service with a human touch. Our style is a seamless combination of down-to-earth accessibility combined with superlative legal knowledge and effectiveness.

As anyone who has faced a complex legal issue knows, sifting through paperwork and deciphering legal language is hard enough. Add the language barriers that often exist in immigration cases into the mix, and moving to the U.S. from a foreign country can be a daunting task. The staff at Sarah S. Rama, ESQ., LL.M. know exactly how to guide each client through his or her immigration journey, making it a positive, joyful adventure rather than a perilous, uphill trek.

Not only is our staff empathetic, but also a skilled team with years of experience. We have traveled and worked around the world and speak multiple languages. We have over 20 years of legal experience with a specialty in the diverse area of immigration law in the United States. We are skilled at providing outstanding legal representation to foreign nationals, their families and businesses, and are experts in areas such as employment visas, family immigration, citizenship, E–2 Investor Visas, immigration status services and more.

With our team, you will find yourself in the hands of people with just the right combination of passion, humanity and legal prowess.

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